How to Prepare Your Property for Winter

September 21, 2017 admin

With winter fast approaching, getting yourself prepared for the oncoming colder weather and potential snow is essential. In this article, we look at using trained professionals to help assist with a number of critical tasks, such as snow removal and salting services.

Knowing a Contractor to Call

One of the best ways to prepare for winter is to ensure that you have the contact details of an experienced professional contractor for winter services. This allows you to quickly call on them for their expertise and service in the case of a sudden snowfall, or drop in temperature.

Residential snow removal and salting services

When it comes to keeping your home free from snow and ice, this can often be a much harder task than first imagined. With many homeowners either not owning the correct equipment to shovel the snow safely, or the physical ability to do the task without risking injury, using a professional is highly recommended.

The added benefit of using a professional is that they are also able to salt the area, helping to restore some grip and minimize the potential for injury. Additionally, it is also in many of the Lower Mainland city bylaws that you are required to clear the area around your home after a snowfall, or you may risk a hefty fine.

Commercial snow removal and salting services

Ensuring that your commercial property is kept clear from snow and is sufficiently salted is perhaps even more important than residential snow removal. The customers, clients and workers will all need access to the building, parking lots and other areas of the premises, as otherwise there can be a severe slowdown in business efficiency.

Added to this, there is also a danger of injury and business liability if the snow removal and salting services are not conducted in a timely manner.

Asphalt and concrete repair

The last point we will cover regarding winter services is hiring a professional to complete any asphalt or concrete repairs that need to be done. This is one of the most crucial winter services, as once the cold weather hits, any small cracks or holes in the asphalt or concrete can quickly become much worse. Moisture in the cracks expands as it freezes, causing greater damage.

In summary

By preparing yourself with the necessary winter services and having the contact details of experienced professionals on hand, you will be able to deal with everything that winter throws at you. When winter hits, count on Emkor for snow removal and salting services.

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