Look into Snow Removal Vancouver

December 21, 2018 admin

It is the law in Vancouver that the owner of a property is responsible for any and all clearing of snow off of driveways and sidewalks directly in front of their property by ten in the morning after a snow dump the night before. It is the law. If you live in the Vancouver area and there is a snow dump, you are responsible for snow removal in Vancouver. This is for both commercial and residential properties. The problem is, of course, that you might not have the equipment to have your walkway, driveway, and parkinglot clean by ten in the morning after a snow dump.

Vancouver and the surrounding area is not known for its snowy winters. We have rain in the winter. We have rain in the fall, spring and summer too, but also in the winter. This means that the average business or residence does not have the equipment for snow removal in Vancouver. A personal snowblower or plow is a large investment and there can be times that a shovel and some salt will do the trick, but there are times when you will need to have a large amount snow removal done in Vancouver by ten in the morning.

Residential snow removal could seem simple. You get some kid from the neighbourhood to scrape your driveway and sidewalk while you are at work, but this is a risk. You can get fined if the kid forgets to do it, or if he or she is in school. This is a good reason to have a company that specializes in snow removal in Vancouver to take care of those days that the snow cannot be removed a neighborhood kid with a shovel and a free morning. This is important not just because of the law, but because of the safety for you and your family and neighbours.

The legal matter is a bit stronger with it comes to a business you might own whose parking lot and walkways just got jammed with a large snow dump. You get to work and, before you can open the store, get the cash registers filled with a float, and open the doors, you need those parking lots and walkways cleared. You can have your employees come in early to help out with the snow removal or you can be ahead of the game and have professionals come in. Emkor Construction offers a great service for snow removal in Vancouver and they will do the removal for you, so you can just focus on business as usual.

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