Upgrade your Vancouver Home with Concrete Paving

September 19, 2018 admin

As a homeowner in Vancouver, you are aware of the real-estate market in the lower mainland. Selling might not be on your mind right now, but if and when that day comes, you want your house to stand out and get you the most value for your initial investment. In the meantime, you want the best for your family. Safety is the number one concern, and peace of mind when it comes to home maintenance is a very close second. Concrete paving is a solution that can take care of plenty of your needs.


You already have the “location location location” part taken care of for resale value, so now it is up to how your home is presented. One way to start the process of upgrading is concrete paving. The beauty of concrete paving for your Vancouver home is that it is extremely versatile. You can get almost any esthetic with a good company that knows what they are doing. Some examples of what can be achieved include: Rustic looks, polished concrete, stamped concrete, and even custom designs.There are different colours to choose from and patterns to fit your personal needs, including cobblestones or bricks.


The lower mainland, for better or for worse, is blessed with all kinds of weather. For this reason, concrete paving is absolutely the way to go in Vancouver. If done right and by the right company, concrete can be more durable and low maintenance than asphalt or gravel. Asphalt may need regular upkeep and resurfacing, and gravel is hard to keep free of debris and snow, but concrete is durable and easy to maintain. To keep it clean, all you really need is a good shovel in the winter and a hose in the summer.


Esthetics are important for personal reasons and for resale reasons, but when it comes to having a family home, safety is the key reason for having a good concrete paved driveway. To give you the peace of mind regarding the well being of you and your children, concrete is absolutely the way to go, due to its easy support of a non-skid surface.

For more information on whether or notconcrete paving is the best choice for your home, you can look into some of the good companies right in the Metro Vancouver area. One such company that can take care of all your paving questions and needs is Emkor Construction. We offer a wide range of services and have two convenient locations; one in downtown Vancouver and one in heart of Richmond.

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