Our Process

Clear communication and transparency is at the core of any successful project. At Emkor, our process includes a clear definition of the project stages and costs at the outset of each project, so that our clients know exactly what to expect.

Our process includes the following stages:

Custom Home Builder / Renovations:


  • Discuss the type of project you’d like to build.
  • Based on size, budget, and special features that are must-haves, we use this time to get an overall sense of your project and to go over ideas with you.
  • Design within the defined budget, to avoid over-designing and budget overruns.
  • Design sign-off includes harmony with the budget.


  • Develop your project with Emkor.
  • Meet at your site with Emkor Construction staff.
  • Analyze the site and discuss the building envelope, topographical elevations, and footprint.
  • Identify general parameters, including price range, home style, square footage and placement.


  • Work with our award-winning build design team.
  • Discuss home amenities, features, and exterior/interior specifications.
  • Review the architectural look and space allotment.
  • Address preliminary pricing and formulate the design contract.


  • Finalize specifications, allowances, budget, and expectations.
  • Review completed architectural and engineering drawings.
  • Discuss contractual obligations with Emkor staff, for complete clarity.
  • Establish construction dates; start date and expected completion.


  • Experience the process with supervised visits to the site over the course of the project.
  • Be educated on building techniques to improve health, comfort, efficiency, and durability.
  • Receive bi-weekly updates on the budget.
  • View bi-weekly progress reports.


  • Do a final walk-through to make sure everything is the way you imagined.
  • Learn from our team how everything works and how to care for your new home, or newly renovated home.

Asphalt & Concrete Service, Excavation & Site Services, and Winter Services:


  • An Emkor staff member will come to your site to do a walk through.
  • We will measure and calculate on-site and send you a quotation online.


  • Upon acceptance, the Emkor Construction team will make sure the job is done the Emkor way, to our standard of excellence.
  • We always do a final walk through inspection, to make sure everything is to your satisfaction.
  • Our staff ensures the site is thoroughly maintained by keeping up with our safety standards throughout.