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Snow Removal Vancouver

We not only provide outstanding paving services, we also offer winter services to keep your paved areas clear when snowy and icy weather hits the Lower Mainland.

Residential Snow Removal Vancouver

When snow comes to Vancouver, many residents are unprepared to deal with it, and the icy conditions that often accompany it. Many people do not even own a shovel, making it difficult to keep clear access to their home. Considering that by laws in Vancouver require that residents clear the sidewalks surrounding their property by 10am on the morning after a snowfall, or they may be fined, it is important to be prepared. This is no problem when you have Emkor at the ready, to provide prompt residential snow removal and salting services in Vancouver, Richmond, and around the Lower Mainland.

Commercial Snow Removal Vancouver

For commercial clients, it is even more crucial to ensure that parking lots, pathways, sidewalks, and access lanes are kept clear of snow and ice, so that these areas are safe for their customers, clients, and employees. Not only can impassable or unsafe lots and pathways be detrimental to the normal operation of the business, and prevent customers from accessing the business, companies must also be aware of the liability issues should someone be injured on their premises, due to poor maintenance and a build-up of snow and ice.

Emkor provides complete winter services, including snow clearing, snow removal, if the build-up of cleared snow is excessive, and salting services, to ensure that ice does not make surfaces slippery and dangerous. Our equipment includes snow plows, bobcats, loaders, salt trucks, and snow removal trucks, so we are ready to handle whatever winter delivers.

By choosing our professional snow removal and salting services, you can ensure that your commercial property can be safely accessed at all times. We respond to calls promptly, sending our team and equipment to clear your property quickly. You can also sign up for our winter services, so that in the event of snow, we already have you on our radar. We monitor snow conditions around the Lower Mainland, so that we can dispatch our teams when the snow falls, saving you the last-minute scramble to call for service.

Whether you are looking for a regular snow clearing provider to keep your property clear all winter long, or you need a quick snow removal service for a single snowfall, call Emkor, 24/7, for efficient, friendly, and professional Vancouver snow removal and salting. We’ll dig you out!