About Us

Committed to Nothing but Excellence


Emkor Construction is a family business, built on a foundation of quality, integrity, and attention to detail.

Our core emphasis is on maintaining an impeccable level of quality in our work, whether we are building a custom home, renovating a dated, yet beloved space, excavating a property, or installing asphalt or concrete paving.

We know that, big or small, for our clients, every project is of paramount importance, and that they are trusting us to do our best work. We work hard to earn that trust, and to build a long-term relationship with our valued clients.

We pay attention to the details. There is always an on-site supervisor on every job site, at all times, to ensure that nothing is overlooked and that projects stay organized, on time, and on budget. Our well-trained, experienced and fully qualified teams are equally dedicated to doing work of the highest caliber, while maximizing productivity.


Caring for the environment, caring for our community.

At Emkor, we know that it is important to consider our impact on the world around us. We follow green building practices, to do our part in protecting the environment, being careful with resources, and prioritizing energy efficiency, both during construction, as well as in the homes we build.

Outside of our core business activities, we endeavour to be responsible & concerned members of our community, giving of our time and resources to support meaningful charitable causes.

As our business continues to grow, we continually strive to learn from every project, so that we can further improve the work we do. Contact us today for your custom home builder, home renovation, paving project, or excavation.

Nothing but excellence.  That is the Emkor promise.

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